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Whether you are a first home buyer or moving house we're here to take the hassle out of finding the best home loan and insurance solution for you

We do the hard work for you - from completing the paper work to dealing
with the banks and insurance companies.

And what's even better?


So don't hesitate to contact us if you are:

  • A first home buyer
  • Require investment property finance
  • Buying vacant land or building a home
  • Re-fixing or re-financing your home or residential investment loan
  • Require finance for business purposes
  • Require insurance to cover your income, loans or lifestyle
  • Reviewing your insurance position
Hayden Marshall - The Finance Marshall


Hayden Marshall is an Authorised Financial Advisor under the Financial Advisors Act 2008

(that's him in the photo ;)

Not to mention...

We don't charge you anything - our service is totally free.

We take the stress and hassle out of arranging everything for your finance and insurance

We have access to a large range of lenders and insurers – this will ensure that you obtain the best financial solutions to meet your needs

We have over 35 years experience in the finance industry

We are accredited members of the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association who promote high standards of professional and ethical conduct

We value any feedback you have regarding your experience with us

We belong to Financial Services Complaints Limited who provide independent dispute resolution


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We've been successful at the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association (NZMBA) Broker of the Year Awards (now known as the PAA), winning in the following categories:

  • Finalist of the PAA Mortgage Advisor of the Year 2016
  • Winner of the Regional NZMBA Mortgage Broker of the Year 2010 – Mid Central Auckland
  • First Runner-up NZMBA Mortgage Broker of the Year 2010


for rewarding us

Our business is built on happy clients referring us their friends and family for free financial advice.

For every referral you give us resulting in a new home loan or insurance policy, we'll give both you and your friend a $50 voucher of your choice.

Simply let us know who you referred by giving us a call on 0508 THE MARSHALL (0508 843 627)


The Finance Marshall Limited is your one stop Financial Services Provider and
we're proud to advise that Hayden is an Authorised Financial Advisor.

This means that we'll act with care, diligence, skill and expertise every single time.

These are our commitments to you.


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