One man - one conversation

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius

So you've found that house you want - next step is sorting out finance. You spend time trying to find a direct dial number, but have to go through the call centre. After ten minutes on hold, you find that your Account Manager has since left and you've been transferred to someone new. "Yes, you will need to come in personally so they can meet and identify you as well as completing an entire new loan application."
"Sorry, no they don't have you details on file. Oh, and you want to discuss setting up a Family Trust? Unfortunately the new account manager is currently in training so your best bet will be speaking to a Home Loan Specialist."
"No, they're not based in the branch but we could get someone to call you later. Oh, and you want to discuss Insurance Cover AS WELL!!! No the home loan specialist won't deal with that. We suggest you see them and then come back into the branch."
"No it won't be your account manager, we'll arrange another appointment with someone who specialises in insurance .... "

Want to make things simple? Then Marshall your Finances with The Finance Marshall - here's why:
1. You only need to deal with one person for all your financial needs - making it easy and saving you time
2. Hayden is an Authorised Financial Advisor and is qualified to give you expert advice regarding your home loan, insurance and financial needs
3. We have access to a full range of lenders and insurers which means we can provide you with unbiased advice - everytime.
4. Finally our service is free. What could be better than that!

So if you haven't had a chat to The Finance Marshall yet to see how we can help, give us a ring on 0508 THEMARSHALL (0508 843 627).

We look forward to hearing from you.


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