Introducing our new Home Buyers Guide

Are you or someone you know looking to buy a new home?

Well we know from our own experience that it can be a daunting. It’s not just about finding the perfect home, but also understanding and making the right decisions around your lending and insurance needs.

To take the ease out of this, we’ve created a Home Buyers Guide. In the guide you’ll find information on purchasing a home, the costs involved, as well as tips on how to pay off your loan faster.

To get a free copy of our Home Buyers Guide email info@thefinancemarshall.co.nz and tell us where you want it sent.

We’ll do the rest.

We’re here to take the hassle out of home buying

As a reminder, it’s our job to take the hassle out of finding the best home loan and insurance solutions for you. We’ll do all the hard work – from completing the paper work, dealing with the banks and insurers, and negotiating the best deal for you.

We have access to a large range of lenders and insurers – this will ensure that we provide totally unbiased advice and that you obtain the best financial solutions to meet your needs.

And what’s even better is, we don’t charge you anything - our service is free.

We’re also a registered Financial Services Provider - this means we’ll act with skill, care and diligence at all times.

If you’d like us to assist with your home buying experience,  feel free to call us on 0508 The Marshall (0508 843 627).


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