Building a home? Our lenders are making it easier!

Good news for home buyers! Some of our lenders have recently updated theirconstruction lending policies to make it even easier for customers to build anew home.

Keychanges include:

• Anincrease to residential construction lending up to 90% LVR on the lower ofTentative On Completion (TOC) valuation or project cost for fixed pricecontracts only.
• Fixed price contract construction builds over 80% LVR will be exempt from theReserve Bank LVR restrictions if the specific exemption criteria are met.
• Remember, the exemption doesn't apply to a house already under constructionor borrowing for extra expenditure such as furniture.

Thereare conditions around the fixed price contract as well as each lenders standardlending criteria. So if you want to know more, we're happy to discuss this withyou. We'll also take the hassle out of applying for finance by dealing withthem directly on your behalf - all for free!

What'smore some lender's are throwing in some additional offers such as free kitchenappliance package upgrades worth thousands!  Give us a call today.


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