Health cover for your little ones

We're excited to talk about a new health insurance policy designed for children in mind.

This month Accuro (one of our panel of insurers), launched their new health insurance product Kidsmart. Their policy caters specifically for young people and their needs. Unlike most health insurance, cover can be set up without being attached to an adults policy. This means that parents, grandparents or guardians can gift their children, grandchildren or dependents without taking out cover for themselves. We think that's great!

What are the key benefits?

Pay for no more than two children on your policy

Free for babies up to six months of age - no premiums or underwriting

Loyalty benefit of $150 towards exercise activity

Loyalty benefit for release of tongue/lip tie

Loyalty benefit to see an audiologist, allergist, paediatrician or respiratory specialist

General surgery up to $500,000 per year

Major diagnostic procedures up to $500,000 per year

Mental health benefit up to $500.00

If you'd like more information on Kidsmart cover - then give us a call or send us an email.


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