There's more to insurance than life

So we know it's important to protect our loved ones financial future should we die, but that's the thing - what about protecting our family while we're living?

Did you know that there are many products available now designed to protect you and your family from many of life's challenges? One product is Trauma Cover.

What is trauma cover? Trauma cover pays a one-off amount if you are diagnosed for the first time with serious illness such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.

So why do you need it? The advances in modern medicine mean that you're very likely to survive a major health problem, but the financial difficulties this can cause are huge.
- Did you know there are 57 new cases of cancer every day in New Zealand?
- Stroke is the main cause of adult disability in New Zealand, with 21 New Zealanders suffering a stroke every day, according to the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand.
- One in 20 adults in New Zealand have heart disease, with one in three requiring a medical procedure.

So have you considered all the what-ifs? What would you do if you needed time off work? How would you pay the mortgage? Do you want the best treatment possible? How would you adapt if facing physical limitations?

Trauma Cover gives you the freedom to make your own choices during these times of uncertainty.

For more information on Trauma Cover and it's benefits for you and your family, call us on 0508 THE MARSHALL (0508 843 627).


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