How well do you know Kiwisaver?

KiwiSaver is only going to become more and more important as time marches on. For many of you it will soon become the second largest asset after your home.

However, research tells us that many of us don’t fully understand KiwiSaver and that just under half of all KiwiSaver members are still invested in cash, default and conservative assets which may not be suitable for long term retirement savings.

We've partnered with Generate KiwiSaver, a NZ owned and operated specialist. Generate have provided a simple four question survey to help you find out what you know about the key drivers of KiwiSaver and we encourage you to take the test.

If you'd also like a no obligation chat to discuss KiwiSaver further, then simply enter your details at the end of the survey and we'll give you a call. 

So let's get started! To find out how much you really know about KiwiSaver click here


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