The Auckland Home Buyer’s Secret Weapon… want to know what it is…?

The Auckland market is BUSY right now. There is a lot on the market and real estate agents are being kept on their toes. A friend of mine recently found a brilliant new listing and after a couple of days deliberating on the home called the agent only to find it had already gone 99% unconditional. Gone in days! The price was right but also, the lucky buyer was obviously in a position where they were able to ACT.

How are you placed right now and could you act if that dream home presented itself to you?

I’m here to help, and here to tell you what you need to arm yourself in this market.

The answer?

The arsenal that you need is a mortgage broker who goes in to fight your cause. A broker who thrives on your success and home-buying-happiness.

When you need to refinance or get a mortgage you have two options:

1. Cross your fingers, hold your breath and go to the bank or

2. Call a mortgage broker.

As experienced Auckland property lawyer Mark Robinson comments: 

“The lending environment in New Zealand has changed considerably in recent years with new lenders and products entering an increasingly competitive and complex market (noting for example the rise of crowd funding and LVR restrictions, etc).  

It therefore pays to use an independent professional who is focused upon the borrower’s needs and personal circumstances to get the best results; also larger lenders sometimes focus upon maximising their market share by attracting new customers rather than focusing upon the interests of their existing customer base.   

A competent and experienced mortgage broker is best placed to assist both existing and prospective borrowers insecuring the best available products in this market and to ensure that any existing lender continues to “sharpen the pencil” on interest rates, etc come review time.”

How does a mortgage broker actually help?

A mortgage broker finds the best mortgage finance deal for their clients when purchasing property.  They have relationships with all major banks (excluding Kiwibank) and smaller, non-bank lenders and - the best bit - their service is free.

A mortgage broker is like a staff member for a bank/lender who gets paid for closing the sale. The banks or lenders pay the mortgage broker a commission once the mortgage is settled. But YOU are getting the benefit of having the broker effectively force each bank’ s trump card so you get the best rates. 

Traditional bank staff can only ever give you the packages their own bank has to offer. These might not suit you and your circumstances. Your bank might tell you NO. A good mortgage broker will deal with all of them, negotiating discounts and/or incentives for you. They have the inside edge knowing the special deals each bank are prepared to do at any point in time. These are often secret to the public!

"A big thanks for your hard work. For first home buyers you make the whole house buying process that much less stressful. Your advice is always justified with facts and figures and on the mark. It was nice to know someone was in our corner and we appreciate the hundreds of dollars you saved us on fees"


"Hayden Marshall helped us into our new home in April. We had spent a long time looking for the right property in this crazy Auckland market but Hayden was very patient with us and always available to answer our never ending questions. We bought a home with confidence and with the right advice. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hayden to others when needing mortgage advice. Thanks again."


So do you have your secret weapon sorted? Call me today - I’ll shout you a coffee or we can chat over the phone about what I can do for you. Here’s to home-buying-happiness!

Call me first.

We're here to help!

NOTE: Please speak to your solicitor and get their advice before making an unconditional offer on any property!


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