Is More Money the Ultimate Key to Happiness?

I’m a money man. I like to earn it, I like to help you save it and reach your financial goals. I see first hand the way money is the tool that allows dreams to come true and “make people happy”. But is more money what you need? Or is there more to the story…

Here are 4 keys to happiness that don’t break the bank - and may in fact reduce stress and anxiety in your life!

1. Experiences

When you spend money on experiences you are gaining positive moments that add to your life, happy or funny memories that let you can look back at fondly with family and friends. The great thing here is that so many experiences are free or low cost! If you have kids you can create a fun dinner experience by putting out a picnic blanket, or turning off the lights and using torches or candles (and even SAVE some money!). 

And if you are planning on investing those hard earned dollars, make sure you are spending your money on experiences that you’ll genuinely enjoy. Don’t be motivated by making others jealous (bad move!) or even by buying into something that society tells us to like. Spend your money on something that makes you excited, like a concert, a holiday or a live show. If camping is your thing, don’t compare your holiday to the people who only do resorts. But if it’s not, don’t feel guilty spending extra on glamping instead - get that luxury tent with the fairy lights and breakfast in (a real/non inflatable) bed!

Investing in a fitness instructor to get into shape or yoga classes to explore your mind and body in another way to make your money work for you and increase happiness. Go out and buy that guitar you’ve always wanted! With the dedication to the lessons you’ll purchase alongside it, you’ll have a new hobby and a new skill that you love. Spending money on something you are interested in learning will always be worthwhile.

2. Give to Charity

There is no doubt you know that little tingle of pride that tickles your chest when you drop those gold coins into the box on the counter for nothing in return. When you sign up to donate regularly to a charity of your choice, that tingle becomes a swelling warmth. Giving back to others makes us happy. It’s the ability of seeing the impact you’re making that creates the warm fuzzies, sharing your wealth with people who need it truly is something that comes back around to you in the long run. Help yourself by helping others also helps you to be grateful for what you do have - instead of focusing on the things you don’t.

3. Help Loved Ones

Helping a parent, sibling or friend through a rough patch can make you feel good too. Seeing your money go to people you love certainly creates genuine long lasting happiness that you just don’t get when you buy a new coffee table - unless you plan on hosing people for brunch more often, and then that really helps justify the new coffee machine!

Sometimes it’s a birthday party that you’re able to provide a bit more cash for or a gift you know they’ll absolutely love. Booking in a cleaner or a meal serve to someone who is unwell will always be money well spent. It can be difficult to justify spending the money if you don’t have the wealth to back it, but when you have the opportunity, it is something that will make you considerably happier.

4. Free Your Time and Eliminate Financial Anxiety.

Of course, having enough money to pay your bills, buy your groceries, get help when you need it and support yourself financially, means less anxiety. We’ve all had to worry about these things at some point in one way or another, and feeling financially secure is certainly something that makes you feel better. 

Less stress about your financial status allows you to enjoy spending money on other things that make you happy - the experiences, new hobbies or lessons, giving to charity and helping out our family and friends. Through all of these instances, money can make us happy.

But here’s the facts - studies have shown that levels of happiness peak when incomes reach NZ$110,000 annually.

​You can’t get any happier than $110,000.

It’s an interesting thought! We can all think of people who need hundreds of thousands to maintain their lifestyles and they’re sill miserable so perhaps it is true!

Despite where you are at, we know we can help.

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At Finance Marshall we do the hard work for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy that Italian cooking class you’ve always wanted to try. Our business is BUILT on happy clients referring us their friends and family for free financial advice. 

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