5 Reasons You Should Talk to a Mortgage Broker First

1. Our service is free & saves you time!

As a motivated mortgage advisor I always have their finger on the pulse for the best offers for your unique personal circumstances. There are so many different banks and lenders all offering different options and the research can be exhausting and overwhelming it it's unfamiliar territory for you. More so if you are on a tight timeframe or have special circumstances (like you are self employed). Want to to properly assess the ever changing variety of home loan deals available to you? I'll save you time and my service is free! 

​ 2. Our service is OBLIGATION free - you can get my advice with no obligation to use my services

Maybe you're not sure if you want to use the services of a mortgage advisor. Maybe you're not exactly sure how it all works. At the Finance Marshall we are happy to chat over all your questions and concerns, and give you advice even if you don't end up using our services. We're here for the long term so even if you are just thinking about purchasing your first time, it's a great time to gather as much information as you can. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. 

Purchasing a home is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. Home purchasers using a broker to help sort a mortgage need to be able to have confidence they know who they’re dealing with. It is now compulsory for mortgage brokers to be Registered Financial Advisers. They must have a complaints process in place and belong to a dispute resolution scheme. Make sure you check the official Financial Services Providers Register at the Companies Office government website. Here is a link to mine! 

​ 3. We have relationships with all the major banks and know when they can pull a better deal for you (and I’ll hold them to it!)

Brokers can get you the best possible outcome. By acting as a go-between for you as the borrower and the banks as the lender we can help navigate the process for you. Mortgage brokers know the interest rates and application criteria for different lenders, and can negotiate on your behalf. The application process can be different depending on the lender so brokers can help you put the loan application together. Also due to strong long term relationships with the banks some brokers may be able to get a better deal than if you went direct.

4. Our business is built on positive referrals.

According to a Consumer NZ survey 50% of people needing a Mortgage Broker were referred to one by friends and family. We are proud to say that almost 100% of our clients a from referrals. We think that speaks volumes. Thank you to our awesome clients for choosing us and referring us to friends and family!

5. Everyone else is doing it!

New Zealanders are slowly catching onto the fact that a good mortgage advisor can save them time, energy and money - lots of it! In America over 90% of business is done through a broker, in the UK it’s around 80% and even in Australia it’s over 60%. In New Zealand its about 35% at this stage but the number is growing. 

Choose the Finance Marshall with confidence. We are excited to be part of the solution for you so click here to get in touch today!


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