Is a Mortgage Broker right for me?

Is a Mortgage Broker right for me?

Where do I go for the best advice on my mortgage?

You may be looking at your financial situation and wondering if you are doing the best for your future financial self.

You may be looking at your spending, your goals and all of your existing debts, assets and your mortgage, but be confused about the big picture of where you are going. Maybe you know you need to tighten up in the areas that aren’t getting you where you want to be but you don't know how best to do that. How might a mortgage broker help - is it beyond what they do, or are you missing out on amazing advice that might not even cost you a cent?

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At the Financial Marshall we want to enable you to get control of your circumstances to put you ahead of the financial game. There are so many ways we can help you - whether you're buying a home, restructuring a mortgage, looking at your insurance or have had circumstances changed which may either save you money now, or GAIN you much needed financial assistance and cover LATER. 

It is our job to help you look at the BIG picture of your life and financial future, and create a solution that is best for your specific circumstances. 

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When you come to us to get advice and approval for a home loan or restructure, we will also ask for the details of your current financial situation. We look at your income, your assets and savings, as well as your transactions account.

We use this information to work directly with banks (multiple banks and major lenders) to see which lenders will grant you a pre-approval (a guarantee that they will lend you up to a certain value), and with what interest rates and deposit amounts. Mortgage brokers have access to all major lenders and can find you the best deals on your mortgage and insurance.

And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years let me remind you again the brilliant thing is you don’t have to pay a broker anything!

We are transparent: there are no smoke and mirrors here. Our income is derived directly from the banks and lenders we work. HOWEVER, they know we are approaching each lender and they need to give us (and therefore you) their absolute best offer if they want your business. We keep them competitive to your best advantage. 

Due to our relationships we are able to negotiate rates that are not always available if you were to walk into the bank yourself. And we have the expertise and tools to look at a much bigger picture than you might have otherwise.

This is why you want a Mortgage Advisor you can trust

- one who is genuinely looking out for your best interests. This is where it’s good to find the ones who have great testimonials from happy clients and are happy to meet up and answer any questions you may have without any pressure.

As well as finding you the lowest rates for your mortgage, finding cash-back offers, doing the pre-approval admin and liaising with the bank, they can also provide ad hoc advice about budgeting for your home purchase as well as review sale and purchase agreements.

Brokers offer a complete end-to-end home loan service that is personalised to you, and doesn’t cost you a cent! You can also revisit them anytime if you need advice on re-fixing interest rates or want to buy another house or property. 

And if paying off your mortgage quickly is important to you, let a broker help you figure out the best way to structure it, save the extra deposits, save money on all your other spending (like insurance) and soon who knows; you may be onto buying your first investment property. All of this is possible with great advice and assistance.

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So is a Mortgage Broker right for you?

The answer really depends on you. You know your situation and goals and dreams. You know what you plan to do in the next 12 months and your level of financial savvy. 

If you are serious about restructuring your mortgage, buying or selling a home, investing, or anything else that involves dealing with lenders, then call me biased but a mortgage broker is your best option. And I’ll go a step further to make it really clear: The Finance Marshall is your VERY best option.

Your best option for a financial personal trainer

If you want to talk to an accredited, experienced and knowledgeable mortgage broker, contact us today. We will find the best home loan solution for you, and can also help with your insurance needs and business finance! 


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