Less income - more family time

Many parents of young children are choosing to work part-time in order to be more involved in their childrens lives.

Part-time work can be a great choice - giving you enough time in the workplace to keep your professional skills sharp and enough time to at home to be actively involved in your children's lives.

Income from a part-time job can make a huge difference financially, especially if you are at a stage in your life when your mortgage payments are high. It can provide enough income to cover regular household expenses so that the principal money earner can use their income to drive down your home loan.

Regular household expenses can add up to a lot each month and if your part-time income is used to balance the budget it can become financially challenging if sickness or injury means you have to stop work.

Household Expenses Cover

The value of part-time work is often overlooked by insurance companies and it has traditionally been hard to get income protection if your're working less than 30 hours a week.

Partners Life have introduced a new Household Expenses Cover, which will do just that - cover regular household expenses such as electricity, water, gas, phone, rent, rates and pay for your TV and internet. There are a range of other benefits available from help with extra childcare and covering costs for retraining.

What's the value of your part-time work?

If this applies to you or your family, we suggest taking some time to work out the value of your part-time work.
• How much do you spend on household expenses each year?
• How much of these costs do you cover with income from part-time work?
• How would your lifestyle change if you were not able to work part-time and had to pay someone to do the childcare?
Talk to us - we can suggest the best combination of insurance cover to protect you and your family in these circumstances. Simply call us on 0508 THE MARSHALL (0508 843 647) and we'll do the rest!


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