When it comes to insurance are you confident that your income, family and lifestyle are adequately protected if something was to happen?

  • What if you had an accident, became ill or were made redundant tomorrow? What cover do you have in place to protect your income? How will you make sure your commitments are covered?
  • What about if you became sick and it was serious? What cover do you have in place to assist with your recovery until you are back on your feet again?
  • And worse of all, what cover do you have in place if you or your partner died? How will you ensure your family can financially continue without you?

These are certainly not questions we want to face every day therefore it's important that we ensure we have sufficient cover to protect what's important to us – our family and our lifestyle.

At The Finance Marshall we can take the hassle out of organising insurance for you and help you every step of the way – from completing a personal risk analysis, to finding you the right insurer and cover to meet your needs.

It's our job to ensure that when you and your family are in a time of need - enough money gets to where it's required as quickly as possible.

If you would like more insurance information or want to discuss your options further contact us now.

Testimonial - G. Alford.

"The Finance Marshall went out of their way to outline all the insurance options that were available to me, and to help me make a decision that was best suited to my needs. In order to facilitate the timely completion of my documentation, the Finance Marshall visited me at home, made regular contact via phone and email, picked up and dropped off forms from my home, and basically did all the hard stuff that I didn't want to! The application process couldn’t have been made easier”
G. Alford.

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